Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa Wiki

"I reckon it's just the night for your funeral!"

BootHill Buzzard is an anthropomorphic buzzard with a yellow beak with stubble on his chin and blue cere that goes up to his eyes, he is dressed in grey undertakers clothing complete with a top hat,underneath his hat he is balding with messy gray hair, he is one of Mayor_Bulloney's lackeys alongside his partner saddle sore scorpion that also serves as a scapegoat for Sheriff Terrorbull/The Masked Bull in their schemes.

He's very stupid and cowardly he's also illiterate and doesn't know left from right, a reason why his bosses's plans also get thrawted and backfired thanks to Marshal Moo Montana and his posse. On one ocassion he posed as a school teacher to teach Cody and the other kids of cowtown to do bad things, only to get jeopardized by his own stupidity and getting a rampaged punch by Dakota Dude for dishonoring the job of an educator, he's also as clumsy as he is stupid when impersonating the outlaw shock holiday he lost control of his weapon and gave himself away when his disguise fell off,his mother is locked up in state prison, he speaks in a wheezy voice and his weapon is a shovel with a rifle built-in.

Voiced by Danny Mann.