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Marshal Moo Montana is a light brown-furred and blonde haired anthropomorphic bull, and is the leader of the C.O.W.-Boys. He is apparently 26 years old, and voiced by Pat Fraley.

Moo was an orphan raised in Miller Glen, and taught everything he knows by his father figure Sheriff T-Bone. Moo idolizes his mentor and father figure, and T-Bone treats Moo like a son.

He has a similar relationship with Cody calf who he nicknamed calf-pint.

He goes by the Code Of the West, which he seems to make up as he goes along. Ep:."The Big Cow Wow".

When fighting against outlaws, he uses a revolver that fires metal sheriff stars.

He has a rivalry with Sheriff Terrorbull which is anything but friendly but unlike terrorbull he can be polite about it and is better at hiding his dislike for the corrupt lawcow.

PERSONALITY; Marshal Moo is very dedicated to his job, for he takes it upon himself to make sure everyone is safe. He is the leader of his posse so he's level headed. Despite being Moo Mesa's favorite law cow, Moo himself is very modest about it, and he is very humble when shown appreciation.

Moo seems to have a touch of humor, as he teased The Cowlorado Kid for not handling a sheep in, "Sheepful of Dollars".

He's very polite toward the ladies (Miss Lily especially), and he's very sweet.

He is also known for being mature, adventurous, rational, strong-willed, heroic, athletic, loving, modest, optimistic, observant, merciful, organized, nice, thoughtful, affectionate, noble, austere, magnanimous, altruistic, respectful, serious-minded, honorable, accountable, laid-back, music-loving, outgoing, open-minded, mild-mannered, outspoken, no-nonsense, trustworthy, aspiring, nurturing and artistic.

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