Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa Wiki

"I'll soon whet your appetite!"

Saddle Sore Scorpion is an anthropomorphic red scorpion with a blue face with four spikes sticking out of his face and a goatee, he is another one of Mayor Bulloney's lackeys that also serves as a scapegoat for Sheriff Terrorbull/The Masked Bull in their schemes.

Unlike his fellow partner BootHill Buzzard, he's more intelligent and cold minded, but is also a coward that can't match the skills of the C.O.W Boys, not even The Dakota Dude for whom he's very afraid. No matter the danger represented on his sting tail and his claws, he's no rival to the heroes and that's why he gets jeopardized every time, like his buddy boothill saddle sore can't read also he can't swim.

Voiced by Jim Cummings.