Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa Wiki

"I'm Gonna Barbecue Your Ribs!" Terrorbull

"Your Cattle Drives Over!" Masked Bull

Sheriff Terrorbull is the ruthless corrupt short tempered dishonest and greedy sheriff of Moo Mesa. A big intimidating anthropomorphic red furred bull with a black spot over his left eye who is rightfully feared along the Mesa. He takes orders from only from one cow Mayor Bulloney, who appointed him as Sheriff of Moo Mesa's cowtown. Although he appears to be on the side of the law, behind closed doors he is one evil side of beef. Terrorbull is secretly The Masked Bull. A notorious outlaw who terrrorizes the citizens of Moo Mesa. Only the C.O.W-Boys have stood in the way of this evil perpetrator and foiled his plans many times. Terrorbull hates the C.O.W-Boys because of this, but it is his rival Marshal Moo Montana who he hates above all else he doesn't even try to hide his hatred for moo and if moo fails to capture an outlaw he takes every opportunity to taunt and mock him, when he's working as a sheriff he's hunchbacked,he wears a green striped sleeveless shirt under a green vest a yolk on his neck one black glove on his right hand and a brown hat, he has a rough voice and uses a gun that fires a retractable whip and when in his masked bull persona he stands straight, he wears a black bodysuit and mask with red tinge gloves on both hands a purple hat and a cape his voice is more smooth and he uses a gun that shoots out cactus needles. In "no face to hide" After loosing a bet against moo he lost his job as sheriff of cowtown and had to take up a new job as sheriff of lonesome gulch which he describes as a little one horse hole in the ground, he has a younger brother named Horrorbull who is currently in prison.

His voice actor is Joe Piscopo.